About Us

Klippert Technologies was the original company name conceptualized by Joel and LeeAnn Klippert in June of 2000. That is when the Klippert’s decided they wanted to start a company to develop and manufacture the most eco-friendly and durable composite products on the planet. Almost two years of testing product samples and developing a business plan they came to market in April of 2002 when they officially named the company KlipTech™ Composites, Inc.

KlipTech RampsThe first of many products was RampX™. RampX™ was a super strong and durable composite made using 50% recycled paper for the skateboard ramp industry. This was the first product made and marketed as a recycled paper composite in the world. The second product they brought to market in October of that same year was PaperStone. For the next two years the Klipperts focused on getting these products accepted by the “green” and mainstream markets. “Many times I had people literally laugh at me when I told them we were making durable composites from recycled paper for countertops.”

Today there is a whole new product category in the countertop industry referred to as paper surfaces and KlipTech™ was the original innovator and the leader of that category. The Klippert’s bought their first factory in Burlington, Washington in 2001 where they started to make RampX™ domestically in 2002 after a year and a half of making product in Asia. “Our goal was to make product in the US but until we had the raw material supply we couldn’t”, said Joel Klippert. Once they had domestic production they ceased production overseas to focus on their own factory.

In October of 2004, Joel and LeeAnn got an offer to partner with a resin and treating company that did contract work for them to produce the KlipTech™ products. They sold them the equipment they had to vertically integrate one factory. When the partnership was formed, they dropped the corporation but continued to use the KlipTech™ Composites name and brand. In May of 2007, the Klipperts decided it was time to move in a new direction and split from that partnership and eventually sold their popular PaperStone product brand to those partners in December of 2007. Earlier that same year in May, the Klippert’s reincorporated this time under a new, slightly different name, Klip BioTechnologies, LLC but continuing to use the same popular brand that they are known for, KlipTech.

Joel Klippert is 40 years young and he is married to – and business partners with LeeAnn Klippert. They have two young daughters and live in Puyallup, Washington were they both grew up. Klippert graduated Eastern Washington University in the Spokane area where he got a general studies degree with Marketing and Communications emphasis. After graduation he went to work in sports marketing where he had a successful career working primarily in NCAA Basketball as the director of sales and marketing of a large sporting goods company. The second sporting goods company he worked for was a new start-up that Klippert credits with giving him the tools and confidence to start his own company. After spending six years in the sporting goods arena he decided that he wanted to change his career path. He took a job with a local composite manufacturer as the director of sales and marketing. While working with this company, he came up with the idea to develop “green” and sustainable products. The owners of the company didn’t like the idea and wanted to stay with traditional products. Now married and with a small child, Joel and LeeAnn made the bold commitment to start a new company based on the premise that they would develop, manufacture, market, and sell world-leading sustainable products. “Most of our friends and family thought we were nuts!” quips Klippert.

KlipTech™ is driven by the environmental impact of their products. Right now the company is focused on making 100% water-based resin systems that work with high amounts of post-consumer recycled paper. Having a clean and green 100% water based resin that will saturate a high amount of recycled paper is very difficult. “I don’t think people out there truly appreciate what we are doing; just 8 years ago I couldn’t find a domestic paper manufacturer that would guarantee and certify 10% of post-consumer recycled content and today we have FSC certified 100% post consumer recycle and 100% rapidly renewable bamboo fibers available to us. On top of that we have a 100% water-based resin system!” exclaims Klippert. We are now testing a new resin system that is 50% renewable using corn and cashew nut base ingredients. We are very excited about the future. KlipTech™ currently has two separate patents pending for their unique products.

We currently manufacture all the KlipTech™ products in the US. We have two primary facilities that we do toll manufacturing with. One is in Tacoma, Washington with the other in the Madison, Wisconsin area, with our corporate offices in Puyallup, Washington. We will be opening subsequent factories around the globe. We hope to start production of some products in western Asia this year that will supply the Asian, Middle Eastern and some of the UK markets. We also hope to help finance an expansion of the operation in Wisconsin and centralize production in the middle of all North America.

KlipTech™ has plans to bring more new and innovative products to specific industries over the course of the coming years. “We will continually innovate. Innovation is the key to the future and we will be working day after day to bring this to our current and future customers,” says Klippert.

KlipTech™ has won numerous awards over the years and they are seen as one of the most credible companies in North America and the world for the creation of truly sustainable products. A couple of the most notable awards are 2006 Building Green’s Top 10 Green Building Products, 2008 Sustainable Building Industries Top 10 Products, 2009 Interior Sources Bloom Award for most Innovative Product, and 2009 Building Magazine Top 100 product as the top Exterior Cladding.