KlipTech® Mission: “We are committed to researching, developing, designing, and manufacturing the most durable, cost effective, user and environmentally friendly products in the world while delivering quality product with unmatched customer service.”
-Joel Klippert, Founder/President

Believe it or not, the very first product KlipTech® ever created was a surface for skateboard ramps.

In a sport that requires solid, durable riding surfaces such as concrete, EcoClad Sport® stands up to the challenge. Constructed from a fusion of 100% post consumer recycled paper and a clear, 100% water-based resin system that utilizes cashew nut shells, EcoClad Sport® surfaces are able to withstand weather, time, and the repetitive beating of gravity-defying extreme sports athletes.

EcoClad Sport® surfaces are used in high profile skate events and in backyards around the country.