KlipTech® Mission: “We are committed to researching, developing, designing, and manufacturing the most durable, cost effective, user and environmentally friendly products in the world while delivering quality product with unmatched customer service.”

-Joel Klippert, Founder/President

EcoTop® is an innovative surface material that promotes sustainability without compromising quality or style. Also made by the original creators of recycled paper countertops, EcoTop® offers a wide range of colors and unbelievable UV color consistency, from Snow White to Jet Black. The most significant part to EcoTop that separates it from its previous paper based inventions is that is offered in several lighter colors and has UV stable darker colors due to its clear 100% water based resin formula, making it the most durable, user-friendly, and sustainable surface material available.

EcoTop Snow White
EcoTop Ivory

EcoTop® is an FSC certified product, comprised of a 50/50 fiber blend of 100% post consumer recycled fiber and rapidly renewable bamboo fiber, then bound with a clear 100% water-based system. EcoTop® is a repairable/renewable surface with water absorption of less than 1%, making it impossible to permanently stain. This is a highly scratch resistant product that will withstand up to 360 degrees F. The green stream has now merged with the mainstream.

EcoTop was named one of the Top 10 Green Building Products of The Year by Sustainable Industries in 2012 and The Hot 50 Products of 2012 by Green Builder Magazine.